The Physical and Mental Benefits of Dance

Dancing can do fantastic things for your health, body and mind. Here are just a few!

Safe and easy on the joints

Supports weight loss

Improves strength, flexibility, agility, and balance

Requires good posture and better control of the body’s movements

Conditions the heart and cardiovascular system, and improves lung capacity

Increases Energy

Reduces stress

Builds confidence and self esteem

Lifts spirits and fights depression

Boosts memory and keeps the brain active

Makes a great social activity, a hobby to do with friends and a positive way to meet people

Dancing is simply fun and keeps us young!

5 Tips for staying on track with your fitness resolutions in 2017!

Stay on track this year!

By: Michele Sotak

Have a game plan and make good choices in 2017- starting today! Keep the motivation and momentum going with these simple steps and you'll be sure to stay on track this year.

1- Mix up your workouts to keep it fresh and exciting. You can't get bored if you have variety! You can learn something new, like dance for example. Now is a good time to join group classes or hire a trainer to help you stick to your fitness resolutions and reach your goals.

2- Buy a new workout outfit and a good pair of running shoes. Take advantage of post-holiday deals at stores and online. New gear will encourage you to hit the gym. You will look great and more importantly, feel great about yourself!

3- Before eating out, check the menu online so you'll be prepared to make smart choices. If going to a get together or party, offer to bring a healthy dish such as a veggie tray with hummus or fruit salad. Everyone will thank you for it, including yourself!

4- Meal Prep. The new year can be just as busy as the holidays for some of us, and we don't always have the luxury of time to make meals throughout the day. A lot of us are constantly on the go. So grab your Tupperware and pick a day to whip up healthy meals for the week. You can also break it down to meal prepping for just one meal each day, such as lunch. Or break down meal prep into twice a week for each half of the week. The key is having healthy meals ready to heat up, and packing up healthy snacks to take with you on the go instead of making bad, unprepared decisions when hunger strikes.

5- Create a motivational portfolio. Now is perfect time to collect pictures of your goals, favorite quotes, and create a list of the reasons why your goals are important to you. Create a "fit" to-do list and check mark your progress. It will be an ongoing list that will keep you organized and motivated. Make sure it's visible and update your achievements weekly, and you'll be bound to stay on track!